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J.C. Promotions, LLC

 My name is Justine Cox and I am the founder and CEO of J.C. Promotions, LLC! We are a social media marketing and management agency dedicated to servicing Black Owned Businesses! I started this company with the goal to become a strong pathway for black owned businesses to expand their brand and become well know within black communities. 

When it comes to trying to locate a B.O.B in the areas we live, it is almost impossible. So, I wanted to create a platform that made it achievable to easily access them. This helps black business owners gain more traction and help those who would like to find products and services made for them and by them. Afterall, if we don't know they exist how can we support...right?

The black dollar is extremely valuable and it's important for us to be able to at least have the option to keep it circulating within our own communities first and be a part of helping each other get back to where we once were.

    **In Honor of the Lives, Homes and Businesses lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma**



Our Mission is to gain exposure for as many quality black owned businesses as possible by driving traffic to their brands via social media and other various services.


Our vision is to become one of the largest vessels within the black community known for spotlighting Black Owned Businesses in your area, and allowing people the opportunity to shop, visit, & support at their leisure.

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